What is Prospector?

Prospector is an online directory for contact discovery in the food industry by Urner Barry. Basically, it is where you go to “Prospect” for new business opportunities and information.

What is the site used for?

The site has thousands of verified companies and contact listings in the major protein and aligning industries. The standard search function allows you to prospect business opportunities by company name, contact, or plant number. Access company profiles, which include: locations, products and specifications, contacts, inspections numbers, and much more.

What do I get with my paid subscription?

A premium account member will have access to the powerful Advanced Search tool. Easily build custom searches that fit exactly what you’re looking for with just a few simple clicks. You are then able to save your search results for quick reference or export your prospects into an excel file for further analysis.

Your subscription also gives you access to Urner Barry’s customers service representatives who can provide you with the hands-on training you and your company need to make the most of your service.

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